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And thanks for the drop-in!  Kick your shoes off, stay a while, and see what inspires you.   I want your images to be your logo, on your website, your resume, the reason you get that audition, the callback, that job, that date...

Sometimes the hardest part is getting your foot in the door.  My job is to get you smashing it down.


Are you ready?  Let's get it.  



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"As a fellow headshot photographer and educator, I can tell you after seeing Patrick's work over the last couple of years, he has the eye for seeing and capturing great expressions.  Along with his clear technical talent, capturing great expressions is the key to good headshot photography and it is a quality that is not inherent in all photographers.  If you are thinking of booking with Patrick, I can confidently say you will not walk away unhappy with the results!"


Dylan Patrick, LA/NYC Photographer

Photo by Matt Leitholt

What They're Saying...

"Patrick Marcigliano has a gift for capturing the authentic personality and untapped beauty of anyone who is privileged to sit in front of his camera. His work elevates the subject to their greatest potential while still keeping what is unique and human about each individual. His artistry behind the camera is an inspiration! I highly recommend Patrick for anyone looking for a wedding photographer to Senior photo shoots, from professional headshots to unique marketing photos - Patrick will always deliver!"

- Camiah Mingorance, Vocal Instructor, CEM Music 


"Patrick is a visionary who can capture your natural character, teach you about how to express that character, and then help you refine it without stealing away from the truth.  My experience with Patrick was awesome! He has become my friend, and a very reliable source for professional feedback. He is efficient and produces excellent artwork!"

- Beriah Israel, Model MP Management ATL

My clients have appeared in the following productions:

Nationally Featured:

Award Winning:  2018 and 2019 Shoot and Share Finalist in Portraits, Seniors and Fashion photography categories. 

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