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The Senior Experience

Our sessions are one of a kind, fun, relaxed, and unforgettable. I love creating images that are modern and editorial - and authentically you! 


We will work together to capture a variety of natural poses and perfectly unposed, candid moments.  I will guide you into poses to help you look your best, but also strive to keep you comfortable in front of the camera to let your natural self shine through. 

I want you to be you while showing everyone else a side of you they've never seen before!  These are your first pictures as an adult, and last as a kid, so let's capture some fun looks,   maybe a little "attitude",  and some classic photos that your family will love! 

Let's Do This! - Patrick


In a world full of trends... remain a classic - Iman  



"Shooting with Patrick amazing! He really is such a fun person to shoot with and takes your ideas for your shoot and helps create it! What I really liked is that everything is up to you and it’s a super chill fun process. I really loved  this experience because I got to shoot my own unique senior pictures with Patrick who helped me find the perfect location, outfits, and poses which looked natural and really felt like me, and the result is absolutely insane!

My favorite thing about them is that I didn't look natural or fake.  I looked like myself and they were all beautiful!"
Shashi - Class of 2023


Shooting with Patrick

Patrick has gained a reputation as one of the top portrait photographers in the industry, working with actors in film and television as well as on Broadway.  He's earned the respect of photographers across the United States and his work can be seen both in print and on web media outlets. What he brings to his professional clients, he also brings to his Seniors. Patrick's approach to photography is simple. He believes in creating an environment where you feel relaxed and confident in order to capture images that showcase your true beauty. Paying special attention to the details like styling, lighting, posing, you will have not only an unforgettable experience but will have killer images that last a lifetime!

What Makes Us Different...

After years of shooting headshots for people from all over the world, Patrick knows that an amazing picture is not just a pretty image. Capturing a photo that tells a story is his aim in each session. Your senior photos should stand the test of time and Patrick believes the best way to do that is to embrace what's already there. 


Patrick's focus is on natural beauty, because each girl is beautiful in her own skin - no heavy makeup, loud jewelry or crazy poses are needed to showcase beauty that simply lies in the face of each girl. Because of that, he only hires makeup artists that understand natural makeup and recommends clothes that won't be out of style in a few short months.  He directs girls in his shoots in a way that feels comfortable for them. And his editing focuses on beautiful, true-to-life skin. He never lightens skin, removes birthmarks or erases freckles. He carefully removes blemishes, and gently edits photos so that each girl looks like the best version of herself!


"Shooting with Patrick has always been something I’ve looked forward to. He’s always helped me gain confidence and find a natural flow throughout our sessions. It’s easy to relax and to just enjoy the shoot! He makes sure there is a very laid back and judgement free environment. Shooting with him is exciting and so rewarding. I’ve made so many incredible memories from our sessions, and I’ll always be grateful that I was apart of his 2021 senior squad! "
Emma - Class of 2021

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Senior Sessions and pricing starts at $850

Sessions are typically 1-2 hours and can include multiple outfit changes and locations, as well as hair and makeup!


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