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  • Do we shoot in studio or outside?
    You have the option to shoot your headshots in-studio or outside, depending on the vibe or style of headshot you are going for. Our headshots taken outside tend to be more cinematic, dynamic in nature, with a blurred but "busier" background. I shoot my outside headshots in Sandy Springs, and typically in the late afternoon / early evening hours (4-7pm). Our in-studio headshots are shot with multiple backdrop colors, canvases, and even some backlit options that can replicate an outdoor look. They tend to be more theatrical or commercial in nature, and because they are shot inside, can be shot at any available hour. These are done in my studio in the Alpharetta/Johns Creek area. If you are unsure of where you want to shoot, please don't hesitate to reach out and I will be glad to assist!
  • How long will the shoot take?
    It depends, but typically between 45 min and 1.5 hours. Time typically depends on number of looks you want, but we will shoot till we get the shot(s) we want!
  • Do I need a makeup artist?
    While not necessary to book, I always recommend one for women in particular. Having done hundreds of headshots over the years I've found having an MUA will help you avoid noticeable inconsistencies in application that often affect the final image. We want a natural (but not au naturale) application that showcases and highlights the best version of you! For men, I don't find it as necessary. Lip balm is always recommended and powder for oily skin as needed.
  • Do you have a preferred makeup artist I can use?
    I have several professional makeup artists that I have used before and trust to give us great results. We primarily want to enhance your features, not change them. We're not going for glamour shots. Just make the request during booking and I will do my best to schedule a MUA for the shoot!
  • Is the MUA included in the price of the headshot?
    No, the MUA's are paid separately either through me or directly to the MUA. A MUA can vary in cost, anywhere from $125 to $200, depending on experience, travel, whether they stay through the shoot with you, etc. Hair is typically a $50-$60 add-on if requested.
  • Should I arrive early for makeup?  Where do we do that?
    We will schedule makeup after booking. If we shoot in studio, then makeup will start one hour before your booking, at the studio. If we shoot on location, makeup application is typically done at MUA's studio, or can also be done at your residence, or even on location. I try to schedule whatever is easiest travel-wise, or what is feasible. For example, a typical "on location shoot" in Sandy Springs at 4:00 pm, might have a 2:30 MUA appointment. That gives you an hour for application, and time to get to the location.
  • What is a "look"?"
    A look is typically a wardrobe change. If you take off a jacket or add glasses, that's not a "look". If you go from business/attorney look to angsty teenager, that's a look.
  • What do you recommend for outfits?
    Ideally you will have an idea of what you are going for. You may have an agency that wants you to have an "edgier look" or "corporate look". Or you may still be in school, or you just need a couple of basic headshots to cover your initial bases (think commercial/theatrical). But in general, I always recommend fitted tops, and solid colors that contrast with your skin tone, provide some "pop", and do not distract from the most important thing, your face! Reds, blues, black, are almost always solid choices. If you are dark skinned, then yellows, oranges, or lighter colors can work. If you are light skinned, then maybe slight darker colors. Just avoid colors that blend in with your skin tone and/or wash you out. I'm happy to pre-consult as well! We can Facetime, and discuss your looks ahead of time!
  • Any wardrobe items I should avoid?
    Tops with logos, busy prints (floral, big stripes), white tops (unless under a jacket or sweater), baggy tops, turtlenecks (unless sleeveless), puffy sleeves. Bring options that are consistent with the character type you are/want!
  • I dread getting my headshots taken!  Do you coach posing?
    Coaching an actor is probably what I love most about doing this! My ultimate goal is to provide a safe, relaxing, and fun experience for you, and we shoot till we get the shot! I'll talk you through posing, give you some suggestions to get that specific expression, and work with you to get the looks you want. When we work together magic happens, but if you need to lean on me to get through your shoot, I'm happy to make that happen!
  • How many pictures do you take?
    It varies. We shoot till we get the shot, but I like to deliver a proofing gallery of no less than 50 images. Typically it's between 75-100 proofs. More images sounds better, but I find culling through 300 images to provide you with the 60 best makes life easier on you!
  • How and when do I receive my proofs?
    You will receive a link to an online password protected gallery of your proofs within a week of our shoot. You can then "heart" your favorite images, as well as send the link to an agent, acting coach, etc. I'm happy to provide my opinion as well!
  • How and when do I receive my final images?
    You should receive your final high-res, retouched images within 7 days from final selection. I will create another gallery for you called "Finished Edits" from where you can download them all at once or one at a time. You can download either print sized versions, or "social media" sized versions.
  • Do you provide a "rush" option for edits?  I need my headshot soon!"
    If you need a rush on a headshot, I can provide a 24-hour turnaround for a $50 rush fee.
  • Do I get to keep my proofs?
    Yes! If you purchase either the two, three, or four look professional package, you have access to download all of your proofs. However I discourage the posting of un-retouched/edited images on social media. It doesn't best represent your brand, or mine. All proofs are lightly edited for color and contrast, but are not fully edited or retouched. All proofs are delivered as JPGS, I do not provide original RAW photos of any shoot. Note: The One-Look and Student sessions do NOT come with proofs downloads!
  • What is retouching?
    Retouching is a detailed edit of your headshot. My goal is to keep all edits subtle, making sure that you look like you when I'm done. This typically includes adjustments such as removal of skin blemishes, removal of flyaway hairs, slight teeth whitening, eye enhancement, and image color adjustments. I do not do any heavy handed skin smoothing, and I don't remove moles or freckles. We want the best version of you, not a make-believe version of you.
  • Can I purchase extra retouched images?
    Yes! Extra retouched images (apart from the ones included in your session) are $40 per edit.
  • Do I own the photos after I download them?
    No, unless there is a contractual agreement, I will always own the copyright ownership. This is very standard. It basically protects us from commercial misuse. A third party can't take an image of you that either of us posts and use if for advertising or profit. However, you are free to use your images however you see fit.
  • Do you provide prints?
    I do not. However, you can order 8x10's straight from your gallery. I also have a few companies I recommend. (online) Pixel Pushers (local to the Atlanta area) Colorworx NYC
  • How/when do I pay my balance? What forms of payment do you accept?
    The balance is due at the end of the shoot, and can be paid a number of ways. WIth a Square reader I can accept any major credit or debit card and provide an immediate invoice. I can also accept app payments through Venmo or Zelle, or take cash! I do not accept personal checks.
  • Can I shoot my four-look shoot on multiple days?
    You can schedule multiple days, however each will be billed as separate bookings. After your first booking, you receive a 15% lifetime discount, so you could book a two-look session, and then a second one at a discount.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit?
    There is a retainer fee required at the time of booking. This is non-refundable fee that protects your time and mine. Make your shoot a priority! A cancellation forfeits your retainer fee. Retainer fees are paid online at the time of booking!
  • I need to reschedule!
    Life can get in the way. As long as you can let me know 48 hours ahead of your scheduled shoot, we can reschedule for a better date that works. Any reschedule request within 48 hours will incur a $50 rescheduling fee.
  • How do I book?
    You can book right online here on this site. When you go to book, you'll be presented with a calendar and available dates and times. If you have any questions before you book, feel free to reach out with an email to let me know. NOTE: If you are booking an outdoor headshot session, you want to shoot for earlier times of day (before noon) or later in the day (after 4:00).
  • I don't see a package or option I need on your site!
    Please reach out! Send me an email or message on the site and let me know what you are looking for and I'll do my best to make it happen!
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