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Tulsa - Senior Portrait Information

Hey everyone, I'm excited to be coming back to Tulsa!  It's kind of nuts to think your kids I'll be shooting with are now Seniors! It's nuts.    But I wanted to put together some information on the package I'm offering as well as some information on what (I think) the process will look like.


Dates:   August 24-31st  ( I arrive on the 24th, leave late afternoon of the 31st)

I looked at just about every Tulsa Senior photographer on the web to sort of see what the going rates were, as I assumed they might be different than they are here, and surprisingly they really aren't.   Most either do some sort of session fee ($125-295) and then tack on product packages that seem to range from $300 to $1500 or more.   Or you get the "no fees", "no tricks" people and they offer 1-7 different packages with different print products and options and to be honest, it's just seems like a menu with way too much stuff on it.  And those range from $300 to well over $1000.  

Senior pictures are pretty important.  I call them the last portraits of you as a kid and the first as an adult.  And I'm not gonna lie, this is what I'm good at.  It's more than just having a good camera and framing a shot.  It's connecting with the person, and making them feel good about themselves during the shoot.  It comes out in the images I deliver.  

So I'm going to keep it pretty simple and straightforward:  

  • Pre-shoot consult via FaceTime or online meeting.

  • Two- hour shoot at a location of your choice.  If we have time to move or shoot a second location else I'm happy to!   Ideally we would shoot morning (8-12pm) or evening towards "golden hour" (6-8PM).  

  • 50-150 proofs reviewable online

  • Print Purchase: No min order required!  You can purchase a la carte.  Pricing sheet below. 

  • 5 retouched digital images included.  $40 per image after. 

  • 10 free "social media" images (lower res, re-sized for Instagram, etc.)

  • Session Price: $295


That's it.  Super easy.  Email me to reserve your date and time, and I'll send you an invoice via Square to pay your deposit ($100).  Balance will be due on the day of the shoot.  

Contact Information:

Call or text: 404-983-3030

Senior Portrait Price List

Nothing to book at the moment
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